Take a TV stand for health August 3, 2016 – Posted in: Ergonomics, Health & Wellness, Lifestyle

To be in good health we need to alter our way of life. Nothing should be taken for granted from the way we eat and even the way we watch TV. Americans spend an estimated amount of 5 hours glued to the TV; it is mostly done lying sloppily on the couch. We can break out of this unhealthy habit and speed up our metabolism by watching while standing up, while exercising with a treadmill, while doing some cardio. However to enable that the TV is also in top shape we need to use a good quality TV cart/stand that will keep the TV firm and flexible enough to adjust to our different postures. Here is how we do it.

TV cart that makes you stand

Standing is way better than being sloppy on the couch. The cart in this use can be placed close to the Kitchen counter, then we can stand behind it and even lean a foot forward for support. TV carts are perfect for this because of their easy mobility. The visual quality won’t reduce and the viewing experience will be exciting.

TV stands to make you work out

The TV stand is flexible and able to accommodate a treadmill and even heavier sport equipment in front of it. Keeping fit would be more thrilling and would seem effortless by the entertainment from the TV. This is in no way serving two masters at a time; it is making your body the master of your world.

TV cart when you swim

Due to the versatility of the TV cart it can serve our needs outdoors as well as indoors. Swimming is a healthy activity and one of the very few activities that uses all the muscles of the body. During that bleep moment, when we are floating over the water to feel the warm sun’s rays and relax a little, we can also have our TV update us with what is happing around the world. The TV cart would be perfect in bringing the TV to us in this time of need.

TV stand when gardening

We have all sorts of shows today. We learn how to cook, dance, sing, play and do absolutely everything from the TV. Gardening is an activity we can also learn from the TV and what better way to learn than practice what you watch immediately. Gardening is fun and quite exercising; we stand and stoop a couple of times while engaged in it. We can make gardening exhilarating with a TV stand. Together let us break the “couch potato syndrome and watch TV while taking up healthy activities.