Go Big Setting Up The TV For Your Super Bowl Party February 2, 2016 – Posted in: TV Mounts


Super Bowl 50 is a week away and you’re hosting the most watched sports event of the year at your house. It’s time to upgrade your TV set-up with one of the best TVs in the industry. Watching Cam Newton or Peyton Manning throw a spiral on one of these TVs will make the experience much more enjoyable. If you’re either a Panthers or Broncos fan, purchasing one of these TVs will make you a winner at the end for you and your guests.

Best TVs to buy for your Super Bowl Party:
Samsung 65" Class 4K Ultra HD Smart 3D TV – $1979.99 – Costco
I personally seen this awesome looking TV at CES 2016. The TV draws you in with the design and thinness. This is one of the best prices for an UHD TV. The Samsung UNJS8500 is Samsung’s highest-end 2015 TV with a flat screen. (CNET Review)
• Very good picture quality, with accurate color and solid video processing
• Cheapest TV to buy that can handle High Dynamic Range
• Stream 4K content from apps like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and YouTube
• The Bad: No LED backlighting
• 400 x 400 VESA – Match your Samsung TV with the Loctek L5L Articulating Flat Panel TV Bracket– $92.99

LG EG9600 65" 4K Ultra HD Curved Smart OLED TV – $4947.00 – Amazon
Rtings.com rated the LG EG9600 OLED TV as having the best picture quality of any TV they tested in 2015.
• Perfect blacks which makes it a great TV to watch movies in a dark room
• Perfect motion, a very good TV for watching sports
• Great picture, the picture quality doesn’t degrade at an angle
• The Bad: Higher input lag than average which makes playing fast video games will feel slightly less responsive
• Not VESA Standard BUT you can use the Loctek R2 Full Motion TV Bracket for Curved TVs – $106.99

LG EG9100 55" OLED 3D HD Curved TV – $1999.99Best Buy
Rtings.com rated the LG EG9100 OLED the best TV to watch sports. The colors on the playing surface are very uniform with no trail following moving players. The picture quality is a step above every LED TV.
• Great Viewing Angle maintains good color even at an angle
• Very Thin 2.80” thickness; 0.35” Borders
• Fancier features like motion interpolation, 3D, and a wider color gamut
• The Bad: Varying luminosity depending on the scene apparent when watching hockey
• 200×340 VESA – Loctek Curved TV Mounts from $37.99

Vizio E70-C3 Smart 70” LED TV – $1249.00 Best Buy
Buytvsmart.com has this affordable Vizio E-Series LED TV as one of the cheapest TVs for 70”-75” range.
• Perfect picture quality with advanced pixel adjustment technologies
• Cheap option to buy
• Fast internet access via 802.11 built in Wi-Fi port
• The Bad: the full array local dimming feature makes the picture worse
• 300×300 VESA – Loctek L8 Articulating Flat Panel Mount for 32" – 70" – $52.99

Sony X930C 4K Ultra HD 65” 3D Smart LED TV – $2798.00 Walmart
4k.com rates the Sony XBR-65X930C as one of the two or three best-non OLED 4K TVs on sale. It delivers a blend of intensely powerful high-resolution magnetic fluid speakers
• Android Smart TV 4K Streaming
• Full-Array LED Backlight
• Magnetic Fluid Speakers
• The Bad: Bulky body design due to speakers
• 400×300 VESA –Loctek L9 Articulating Flat Panel Mount for 47" – 90" – $95.99