Cool New Ways to Hide Your TV August 10, 2016 – Posted in: Safety, TV Mounts

There are times that you wish that your television can simply disappear into thin air, not because you don’t like to watch TV, but because sometimes it ruins the ambiance of a room. This does not mean that you want to completely get rid of it, instead, you just want to find ways of covering it up, in order to free up some much-needed space and at the same time, transfer the focal point of the room to something that is more interesting and attractive, like a piece of art or a warm and cozy fireplace.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to hide your TV from plain sight. Some of them are even so cool and fascinating that it does not only do the job of concealing it, but it also adds a certain style and a touch of innovation to your house.

If you are one of those people that are looking for ways to hide their televisions, then the following methods listed below can definitely help you with your problem.

3 Cool and Fascinating Ways to Hide Your TV

The Amazing Sliding Door

If you have a sliding door in your house, you can use it as storage for your flat screen TV. You can do this by cutting up a certain portion of the sliding door (depends on the size of your television) and inserting a wall mount that has a slim plate, such as the full motion mount WLB371 model produced by Loctek, to attach your television and cover up the empty space that you have created.

This method enables you to efficiently hide and use your TV anytime that you want by simply pushing and pulling the sliding door.

This process can also be implemented on a sliding window.

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The Great Entertainment Cabinet

Another unique way of hiding your television is to place it inside a cabinet. You can either use a static stand or a full motion wall mount to attach your television inside.
With this method, you can simply close the cabinet doors when you want to hide your TV.

A Work of Art

The simplest and easiest way to hide your TV is to attach it to a wall mount like the Loctek tilting mount model that I use in my own house. You can hide it by covering it up with an art painting (same size or slightly bigger than the TV) using plastic hooks.

No matter which type of method you use to hide your television, just always remember to make sure that you install and fit all the cables properly to avoid unnecessary accidents because no matter how important it is for you to hide your TV, the safety and security of your family should always come first.