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Tips, Advice, and Strategy For Your Fantasy Football Draft

NFL Football is almost here and you know what that means? Fantasy football drafts will be going on everywhere! Either it’s at your buddy’s home, Buffalo Wild Wings, Las Vegas or online, there will be thousands of drafts happening before the first week of the season.

I listed a few tips, advice and strategies that might help you prep for your upcoming draft. It’s basic information to remember and resources to help you make an informed decision.

Be sure you know the exact date, time and league of your draft
Some of us have had a memory lapse and remembered we had a draft that day and it started in 10 minutes! Then you had to scramble to get signed online and depending on your connection speed, you would have already missed most of the first round.

Advice: Set a reminder on your phone in your calendar with the exact date, time and league you’re drafting in. Make sure you know which platform you’re on: or Give yourself at least 15 minutes to sign-in online and prepare who would be your first choice.
Find yourself some good cheat sheets, rankings and resources
Having a good cheat sheet is helpful when constructing a championship roster. Some people like to rely on the yahoo or pre-ranking. I prefer to accumulate and read all my sources before I make the crucial pick.

Advice: Use these suggested sites for your resources! | Rotoworld | FFtoday | SBNation
Be Aware of Injuries and Bye Weeks
You wouldn’t want to be that person who picked Kelvin Benjamin or Kevin White. You’d hear snickers through the computer. Keep in mind the Bye Weeks also. Week 7, 9, 10 are byes for the Big Named QBs. Also, in Week 7, you’ll miss 4 of the top 10 RBS.

Advice: Check out these lists and articles before you make a doomed pick
Injuries List | Key Injuries To Be Aware Of | Bye Week Cheat Shee
Set Up An Awesome Computer Station For Your Draft
When you’re preparing yourself for your next pick and the team before you picked your player, you now have 90 seconds to find another player. Now you’re frantically going through articles and web pages to get the best info on your next pick. I would advise you to make sure you have other players in your queue, but like most of us you may still want to do live research because you didn’t do your homework. Set your computer station to have TWO MONITORS!

Advice: Get set up with two monitors to increase your efficiency! With that amount of computer space, you can set up multiple browsers with multiple tabs of web pages. No need to switch from window to window on one monitor.

Check out my draft ready computer station. I have the D7D Dual Screen Monitor Mount from Loctek Ergonomics. The D7D has a USB Port and a Mic and Audio Port I can use to talk online. My two screens have multiple pages of all the information I need. Quick and Easy! Then I’m using the X7 Tablet Stand to make my picks on my iPad. I’m ready to make my pick!

IMG_2346 IMG_2350






Loctek Gas Spring Dual Arm Monitor Mount D5D – $104.99



Running Backs are a premium and get depth:
It’s always comforting to have a #1 running back and a #2 that can get you decent numbers. You would hate to be in the position to have to start Doug Martin or a Bishop Sankey all year.
Find running back depth.
Watch for fantasy RB handcuffs
You can bet the farm that usually two or three starting running backs go down with an injury. If you drafted their backup, you are in a great position. If they are unpicked, make sure to always keep your eye open. Find handcuffs here:
Do not draft a kicker or defense too early
You’re wasting valuable picks if you reach for a defense or kicker too early. The differences are not as wide.
Keep an eye out on positional battles
The lead running back for the Dallas Cowboys will have great value. Will the Texans start Alfred Blue after Arian Foster goes down? Who’s the #2 WR for the Bears, will there be value there? Google Search: Position Battles
Here are more resources:
ESPN Complete 2015 Projections Fantasy Football Info
CBS Fantasy Football Info
USA Today Fantasy Football Guide

Hopefully, this is all you need for your draft. Don’t get too flustered with all this information. Use the info you’ve read and make your best decision. Sometimes the draft won’t make or break you. Our champion last year went 1-4 and then rallied to win title with a 6-7 record. Anything can happen, so just go out there and have fun!