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Say the phrase “health and wellness” and most of us think about that gym membership we’re neglecting or about the diet we plan on starting next week. Until recently, we rarely thought of the office as a place to “be healthy”. Fortunately, thanks to a considerable amount of scientific research on the subject, we now know how crucial it is to focus on the issue of employee wellness. Everyone wins when a new health program is initiated. Employees get healthier (or avoid looming health risks) and companies prosper with a healthier, better adjusted workforce.

According to a recent article on, there is a “strong link between the wellness and vitality of an organization, and the wellness of employees. The result of which was increased job morale, satisfaction, commitment and performance.”

As an exhibitor at numerous health-focused events, Loctek is proud to move the conversation forward with our ergonomic office products. We listen to the concerns of workers and healthcare professionals to better provide ergonomic office solutions that are truly effective.

Most recently, Loctek exhibited at the Workplace Wellness Summit in Portland, Oregon. This is an annual event put together by the American Heart Association’s Portland office. It was an excellent conference, offering insight into both the importance and obstacles of creating a successful wellness program. The keynote speaker of this event was Ryan Picarella, President of the Wellness Council of America. One of the key takeaways from Ryan’s speech and the summit in general was that you really need to win the trust of your employees if you are going to implement a wellness program.

One of the best ways to build that trust is to create health & wellness initiatives in which there is no punishment or retaliation for poor performance or failure. With the right encouragement, and by designing wellness as one of the default standards of your company, great strides in health can be made.

Six Essential Office Health & Wellness Programs

For employers looking to improve the health of their employees (and reduce the challenges of maintaining affordable health coverage) there’s a lot you can do. We’ve included some useful wellness office programs to get you started below:

  1. Set up a Smoking Cessation Group

We all know that smoking is bad for our health, but tobacco addiction is hard to kick without without help. The American Cancer Society has a great resource page called “Workplace Solutions – Quit Tobacco”. Learn more about wellness programs you can initiate here:

  1. Put Healthier Food Options in the Cafeteria or Break Room

You may not have a cafeteria a la facebook or google that scoops out quinoa and kale on a daily basis, but you can still bring healthier food options to your staff. For example, all the chips and candy in the break room can be substituted for healthier alternatives. Here are some healthy office snack ideas to get you started:

  1. Encourage Walking Meetings

Once employees get into the habit of having walking meetings, they won’t want to go back to their sedentary ways. That’s important, because “people who sit for long periods were 24 percent more likely to die from health problems”

  1. Provide Ergonomic Workstations

A quality ergonomic workstation can make a huge difference in the way a person works. Employees will be more comfortable and more productive when their screen is aligned to the right height for their body. A proper ergonomic mount will reduce the risk of health issues such as poor posture, back problems and shoulder or neck pain. You can find a collection of our best ergonomic mounts here:

  1. Offer Sit Stand Options

By standing for part of the day and sitting for the other part, you get the best of both worlds! Just make sure to mix it up throughout the day. Your options include sit-stand workstations (that attach to top of your desk), and sit-stand desks (the entire desk moves to accommodate your preference). Loctek will be releasing attractively built sit-stand solutions this winter.

  1. Create Fitness Stations

If you have the space to create a fitness room or even a fitness station, a few treadmills and stationary bikes can be a great addition to the office. People can hop onto one of these convenient exercise bikes after work or during lunch and it doesn’t matter if it’s cold or rainy outside. It’s all about making exercise convenient! Check out Fitleader’s excellent collection of bikes!

See Loctek’s Quality Products In Person!

If you would like to see Loctek’s products in person, you can visit our Fremont, CA showroom or join us at one of our upcoming events. We will be exhibiting our products at the Applied Ergonomics Conference, March 21-23 2016 in Orlando FL.


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