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Terms & Guidelines
This is a requirement in order to participate in the Loctek Product Review Program. Checking the “Yes” box signifies your agreement to meet all requirements stated in the Terms & Guidelines.
Reviewers must meet the following requirements for consideration.
  • - Resides in the US.
  • - Has compatible device for requested product (VESA size, weight, screen size, etc.).
  • - Only Loctek brand products are available for review.
  • - Selections are based on availability. (Limited quantity is reserved for reviews.)
  • - Fill out the application form. (Form must be complete to be considered.)
  • - Agree to Terms & Guidelines. Failure to follow Terms & Guidelines may affect future review opportunities.
  • - Reviewer will be contacted if (1) accepted and (2) requested product is available for review.
  • - As per Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulation, the complimentary receipt of the Loctek product through the Review Program must be mentioned in the review.
  • - We reserve the right to request any necessary revisions to the review regarding product inaccuracy and/or misrepresentation.
  • - Within 3 weeks of product receipt, reviewer must (1) complete and publish, (2) share on reviewer's channel(s), and (3) email us the review at

I agree to the Loctek Terms and Conditions . I have thoroughly read and understand all instructions that have been given. I also understand that it can take up to 3 weeks to process my review.