At Loctek, we believe there’s a healthier way to work. We’re passionate about transforming the conventional workspace into an active environment that supports wellness and productivity. Our commitment to wellness at work drives the design of every sit-stand workstation, height adjustable desk, exercise bike and ergonomic monitor mount we manufacture.   With years of experience and technical capacity building, Loctek obtained both UL WTDP laboratory qualification, and TUV WTDP laboratory qualification. Nearly 200 Loctek products are listed in UL and GS lists. UL tests:
  1. Load Testing: 4x load test:(beyond requirements of UL) ensures product safety for the rigors of public use.
  2. Fatigue testing: (full motion mount) can stretch 6000 times.
  3. When the connection is plastic, it can be baked for 8 hours in 70°C.
  4. The TV cart won’t fall down when it’s on the slope.
  5. Tempered glass meets ANSI Z97.1 standards.
  Loctek has a molding center for research and development in order to constantly updates the production line as well as the product design. With the latest CNC machine, milling machine, wire cutting machine and redial drilling machine, Loctek keeps itself ahead of the industry. Loctek spends 20 million on investing the mold center. About production equipment, Loctek has purchased Laser cutting machine, CNC punch machine, bending machine and continuous pressmachine, etc. About testing equipment, Loctek has purchased screw selecting machine, ROHS machine, drop testing machine, and various electronic testing equipment. Besides, Loctek’s annual declaration for more than 30 patents, including Appearance Patent,Utility model and Invention etc. Loctek has been working in accordance with ISO9001 system , setting up UL, GS witnessed laboratory, also becomes VESA Member. With bunches of first-class equipment, experienced engineers in Loctek can carry out their innovative and creative drawings into real products, on which basis, designs from Loctek always match the latest AV equipment so well.
  1. Automatic bonding robots
  2. Precision punching workshop
  3. Injection molding machine
  4. Diecasting machine
  Loctek’s extremely durable mounts undergo performance tests establishing new benchmarks for quality and exceeding the industry’s most rigid testing expectations. We offer up to 10 year warranties on our products (see individual products for specific details). Our highly adaptable products continue to be useful when new personnel use a workstation, your computer is upgraded, or you reconfigure a work space.

Why Loctek Inc?

As the biggest authorized dealer of Loctek products in America, Loctek Inc. is committed to offering our customers better mounting solutions. We offer high quality products, professional customer service, extensive technical support and exceptional logistics management. From flat panel TV mounts to ergonomic computer monitor mounts, sit-stand workstations, tablet stands or any other AV device, there’s a Loctek solution from Loctek. The benefits of working with Loctek include: Wholesale and Drop Shipping Services Loctek Inc. offers exceptional drop shipping services, with inventory management features that include data and photo features, low-inventory alerts and product order tracking. Also, competitive wholesale pricing is offered to bulk orders.